Tuesday, April 30, 2019

A note to my Muslim friends from an outsider

A note to my Muslim friends from an outsider
Dear Muslim homies, this is something that I want to tell you as a non-Muslim. First let me tell you that my writing skills in English are not that good, but I wanted to write this in English as some of you might not be able to read Sinhalese. Also if you do not know me in person and this is the first time you are reading my material, then please do not be offended by my strong language ( I mean it motherfuckers ! ) and please read the note till the end before jumping into conclusions.
First of all let me tell you something about myself, I am a 50% Malay – 50% Sinhalese but 100% awesome guy as my mother is Malay. But I was raised as an ordinary Sinhala – Buddhist boy (even though i do not believe or practice any religion now). I do not speak a single word of Malay. But because of my Malay background I have spent enough time with my Malay relatives who of course are Muslims, so I have some experience with the way of life in a Muslim community. I wanted to highlight my roots because I want to point out that I have some exposure with your culture and also I want to point out to my Sinhalese friends who I am , that my opinion could be biased as I am a half Malay after all.
OK so now that is out of the way, let me cut the crap and get to the point.
As I feel, as an outsider, you Muslim motherfuckers have a problem with your community! And that problem is, you guys are too AFRAID of your religion and your culture. There is a lack of open dialogs in your community! Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
There are extremist acts going on in almost all religions and races because that is natural, I get it. People naturally want to stick with their own kind and naturally wish the growth of their own team. But in other communities, I see a high number of individuals “within the community” standing up against these atrocities. For example, when our hamuduru fuckers were trying to stir up racism with BBS , Rawana balaya etc we Sinhalese stood up against them. When hamuduruwo were keeping illegal elephants it was Sinhala people themselves who went to courts against them. I know many Christian friends who are fighting with their elders over bullshit in their religion and culture as well. But with Muslims, I cannot think of too many people I know who are free thinking like that! I can think of a “few”, but not enough!
Now I myself have been called many things for speaking against my own people, Bastard, NGO kaputa etc . But the thing is , in our culture in Sinhala Buddhist culture there is room for open dialog ! Most of my best friends are devoted Buddhists and whenever we get together we talk about religion , culture etc. I openly ask them “ado how do you even know whether this nirvana thing is true men? Could be a fucking lie noh” and they never chop off my head or anything: P. There is always room for freedom in our culture. But tell me, do you guys have that? Do you ever even question the existence of your so called Allah? Do you? You guys are too afraid to even talk about the future without saying inshaallah for fucks sake!
The second problem I see, is that you guys always think that Muslims are a different breed and all Muslims belong together. Whenever a Muslim dies overseas or whenever Mo Salah scores a goal you guys lose your tits! But when someone does something wrong within your community, does your mouth open to speak against that? I saw many Muslim friends sobbing over New Zealand as soon as it happened but when something as horrible as last week’s tragedy went on in their own fucking country, they are silent! You are Muslim of course, but do not forget you are living in a country, a country full of “other” people who do not give a shit about your Allah or Burkas or Halal chicken or whatever the fuck so always remember that, remember that you are Sri Lankan first and Muslim second. With that I would highlight that another problem with you is you always think that other things should change to suite your faith, well guess what, I would rather see Kim Kardashian's bare tits over black Burkas for the rest of my life so you can keep it to yourself and leave the rest be.
Take a leaf out of the Malay book, there are plenty of extreme as fuck dumb cunt Malays of course but most Malays are very fun loving, chilled people. What they have done is they have blend in with the Sinhala culture. As I said earlier since I have Malay roots myself I might be biased here, but the way Malays are living in harmony with Sinhalese people is a good example which proves that Islam is not bad, it depends on the fucking idiots who implement it. Do not forget that Indonesia, Malaysia are also Muslim countries but they are doing fine are they not? So ya do us a favor and drop the Muslim Nazi shit and try to blend in with the rest of us!
I do not wish to make this too long (like the tip of your dicks ) so let me windup real quick. I know that there are many political forces in play, that has been the case ever since the world started spinning. Politicians will always try to influence you using religion and race whether you are Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Pastafari or whatever. But what we can do, what you and me can do is at least create an open dialog in our community. This will at least show people that there are many avenues to think along, not just the Quran. This is not an immediate fix to what has happened to our country last week, no matter what you do now people will still be mad at you. But at least now, at least now I hope you guys can start a healthy conversation among your community thinking about the future.
There are terrorist forces that need to be dealt with force of course, there is no point in inviting an ISIS suicide bomber to watch a John Lennon interview while tripping on ACID. That tree hugging hippie approach will not work on those tera motherfuckers, they need to be shot dead. But normal people like you, you need to start this conversation among yourselves.
To wind up I would say this , I hate Upul Shantha Sannasgala I’m not a fan of his. But you must have seen Sinhala people roasting him for his famous status “Jathiwaadi pakayani , pukata payin gahala kiyanne , nawathiyalla. Muslim sahodarawaruni , papuwata atha thiyala kiyanne kukku mirikapalla” I cant remember exactly but you know what im talking about ne ? The way I see it , the real problem is not having a Sannasgala among Sinhalese , but the real problem is NOT having a Sannasgala among Muslims !
We have and will stand up against the wrongs in our communities, about damn time you guys start that too! Thanks , gaba out !
p.s – සිංහල මිතුරන්ටත් නෝට් එකක් , මේ අවස්ථාවේ උඹලට මල පැනලා ඉන්න එක සාධාරණයි . ඒත් එක එක හේතු නිසා උඹලව අවුළන උන්ට අහුවෙන්න එපා. ඔක්කොම තම්බි මරන්න ඕනේ නම් මාවත් ලිස්ට් එකට දාගනින් මාත් හාෆ් තම්බියෙක් නේ.