Sunday, August 9, 2015

Learn To Fly

I am a huge rock fan but not a big fan of the band "Foo Fighters" ( In fact i think they are quite shitty :P ). But when i saw this video i felt like saying something about this and thought that it`s worth sharing.

A group of Italian fans wanted to get Foo Fighters to perform in Italy. So in order to impress Dave Grohl , the leader and vocalist of Foo Fighters , they decided to gather 1000 musicians , YES , ONE THOUSAND FUCKING PEOPLE to play the same song together! 

Now , like i said , even i`m not the biggest Foo Fighters fan in the world but you have to admit that this is truly beautiful!

It is absolutely heart warming to see people of different ages , gender and color get together and sing together as one ! Which i think is the most beautiful part , this shows that we are all human and music transcends everything and brings people together.Nothing is more beautiful than seeing people get together in my eyes :) 

I have a similar personal experience about how music brings people together. I got the opportunity to travel to Sweden for some office work and this was during the Swedish summer time.

Unlike in Sri Lanka where we have the sun basking down on us all year , in Sweden it is pretty cold and gloomy for the most part.So most Swedes are eagerly awaiting summer as the sun is out and everything cheers up during that time.During the summer sun tries to make up for his laziness and stays up till about midnight!So this means outdoor activities all day!

During summer they organize summer festivals and music festivals , which last for 3,4 days straight. Usually you can camp on the festival site itself and stay there for the whole thing or you can come on each day. Most young people tend to camp as it is more 'fun' ( ehem ).

Soooo we were also lucky that during our stay , there was a big festival happening near by named Bravalla Festival. And i was absolutely thrilled to find out that some of my favorite bands ( like i said i`m more into rock music ) were performing there ! My travel companions and good friends Muthu and Kasun were big EDM ( Electronic Dance Music ) fans and there were some huge EDM artists there too so we decided to give it a try.

The whole trip was action packed and we had lots of adventures which i will unroll in the future , for now let`s talk about music and unity only.

Coming back to the festival , i took a Sri Lankan flag with me and waved it like crazy the whole time , hoping that the official video people would catch it on camera and it would be kinda cool to leave your country`s mark on a place you have visited. But unfortunately we were not caught on any official footage so that plan was kaput.

But what we did get was , making a lot of new friends ! Whenever the Swedes saw us waving our flag , they came to us and joined us ! We danced together , with boys and girls ( on a side note the girls were super hot ! ) and had a chat and hugged it out in the end. Which was so beautiful as we were from a different country,from a different culture,speaking a different language, different race , the differences just pile up like the Bloemandal road trash mountains.But in the end there is one similarity , we are all HUMAN! Their food is not hot enough for us and our food is too spicy for them , but when it comes to musical taste buds , we all enjoy the same !

We head banged to energetic heavy metal music , winded up in mosh pits and released it all to sick drops , all without giving a shit about our races , religions or whatever criteria that divides us!

OK Back to the Foo Fighters song performance in the beginning of the post ,this song is titled "Learn To Fly" , we all can learn something from this performance , "Learn To UNITE" !


p.s : here are some of the photos from our festival experience , im the ugly guy in the shades.

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